15 Minute LIVE Interviews

1 | How to Get the Biggest Impact

2 | How to Look & Sound Like a Pro

3 | How to Sell to Our Audience

4 | What Questions We'll Ask (and tips for coming up with great responses)

The Three Questions

  • What is your core offer and what separates you from the marketplace?

  • What is your best clients success story?

  • Who do you want to connect with?

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There's a huge demand for guests on our podcast 'The Profits Unleashed Podcast'

Due to this demand, we need to interview our guests to make sure they're a good fit for the show, because we want to share stories and experiences from a variety of niches, levels of experience and success, as well as strategies used to achieve your results. This preliminary interview is what helps us to determine if your story will be a good fit for our show and also when to schedule your show for broadcast.

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Curious About What We Do?

We assist individuals in designing, creating, launching, and expanding their podcasts while ensuring a return on investment for their endeavors. Our clientele primarily consists of beginners or those who have achieved some level of success through prospecting, networking, and referrals.

We guide them in implementing our proven formula and, if necessary, leverage systems and automation through funnels and membership sites to facilitate rapid scaling. This allows them to redirect their focus to pre-sold prospects and accelerate growth efficiently.

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Benefits Disclaimer

It’s important to say though that this workshop is not a magic wand. With regards to the potential effects or benefits of anything associated with karenrobertscoaching.com, podcastprofitsunleashed.com and mintwave-radio.com, Karen Roberts has taken every effort to accurately represent her ability to impact your life. However, Karen Roberts does not guarantee results in any given timeframe. The ideas and tools or recommendations is not a guarantee to you for anything. The information provided by this website and Karen Roberts’s approach is for education purposes only.