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Have fun podcasting

If you're a coach, consultant, therapist or healer with an online coaching program, use your podcast to drive leads and sales, saving you time to live life on your terms

Attracting Your Ideal Client

Podcasting is a great way to grow you audience, it allows you to remain authentic and you can create compelling content that will attract or even create your ideal client

Turning Listeners Into Leads

By incoroporating solo episodes that put you up as the expert in your filed and interviews with your peers and clients will engage your listeners and turn them into clients

Nurturing Leads And Getting Sales

When you start with the end in mind, you can have fun whilst turning listeners into leads, nurture and cultivate the relationship to turn the leads into buyers of your coaching program


Enjoy your life

Imagine just showing up to record you podcast and have a ton of leads on autopilot so you simply turn up for calls with people who are ready to buy your program


Your potential

Showcase your expertise through compelling content on your podcast with solo episodes and interviews, driving listeners to your compelling offer and build your list


Finding balance

Instead of spending so much time on social media, use your podcast to do the work for you, freeing up your time, you really can have that work-life balance. Live life on your terms


Accept change

Focusing on one thing that can be used in different formats, audio, video and written, always driving them to your offer, you can turn your podcast into a sales machine

About us

Karen, a fitness industry veteran turned podcast mogul, launched "A Coffee with Karen" after helping coaches transition online. Recognizing a common need, she created the Raising Vibrations Podcast Network in 2021. Now a top 1% global podcaster, Karen, with partner Evans Putman, offers Podcast Profit School, coaching, and post-production services for impactful storytelling and business success

Our Podcast

The Podcast Profits Unleashed Podcast

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Formerly A Coffee With KarenNOW - The Podcast Profits Unleashed Podcast

Tuesdays at 2pm Eastern/7pm UK

An opportunity to share YOUR story, what you do and Who You Help,

Give Tips And Promote Yourself

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this video or audio?

We do both, we use streamyard to record the show, the audio goes to Mintwave radio station and both MP3 and MP4 on the Podcast platforms and You Tube

When will it air?

We will let you know on the day of recording, we pre-record well in advance

Do I need to promote it on my social media platforms?

We expect guests to email their list one week before the show airs and again the day before to promote the radio show for people to listen in live, we will then send you all your links to the different podcast channels for your episode and even give you an embed code to embed your episode on your website. if you wish. Please promote on all your social media platforms

Can I get marketing material?

There is a small production fee of £47. We will give you a snippet MP4 and images in a post format and story format. Full show notes from the transcription, BLOG post and you will be able to embed the episode on your website.

Our approach to podcasting

As a podcaster, I have found this to be the most fun way to build my business. I have met the most amazing people doing amazing things within their communities. One piece of content broken down into difeerent mediums to share on SM to grow my list and drive sales.

Create a funnel

Start with the end in mind, where do you want to drive listeners to where you can serve them and give value

Nurture the leads

Your list is your asset, emailing your list daily to build on the know, like and trust, continuing to give value

Free community

Add them to your facebook group, run weekly trainings which will continue to put you as the expert in your field

Compelling offer

Have a sales page with your compelling offer for your signature program, with 2-3 options or payment plans

Create your course

Whether it's fully online or a hybrid course, automate the process so that they instantly get access to your course.

Design your podcast

Create content in solo and interview episodes that talk about the transformation you're offering

Launch and grow it

Have your SM strategy dialled in so you grow your listeners each week and continually fill your sales pipeline

Ready to buy

By the time they have booked a call they are in fact ready to buy. Turn your podcast into a sales machine


There isn't a one size fits all.

We offer a range of services to suit different budgets.


Let's talk

Book A Podcast Strategy Call

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Whether you want to edit your own podcast and just have use setup your channel, podcast website or let us handle full podcast production, there is an option to suit all budgets. Below are the main options but until we jump on a call and figure out what is best for you and your business, we can create a bespoke package to suit your needs and budget.


Create Your Blueprint

Get the EXACT Steps to Start, Launch and Grow a Podcast Turn it Into a Sales Machine! Live Virtual Event.

How To Start A Podcast

And Why

How To Structure It To Attract Your Ideal Client

How To Turn Listeners Into Leads And Then Clients

How To Grow And Monetize Your Podcast



You'll Build Out Your Podcast Channel, Website And Map Out Your Podcast For The Next Three Months, learn post production and podcast promotion

Premium version of podbean hosting

for one year (worth $468)

Personal page on our directory

and podcast network

Setup and launch training

Post Production training

Podcast promotion training

VIP Days


In This NEW, Live Virtual Experience, You'll Build Out Your Podcast Channel, Website And Map Out Your Podcast For The Next Three Months.

Everything with the implementation course +

I will record your 1st episode to showcase your business

1st episode edited

Assets created for 1st episode

small group coaching

3 months of Podcast Profit School


3 months FREE Of The Podcast Profits School


Limitless support

Karen builds value for your biz well in advance of working together and does it with so much heart and expertise! Thanks for your insights, Karen! You empowered me to take action I was dreading.

Tatiana Ermakova

Since joining as a podcast host, I have had the most amazing experience. I have been allowed to connect with the world through my voice and the auspices of a well designed process created by Karen and her one-of-a-kind team. Thank You!

Pamela Bloomfield

Benefits Disclaimer

With regards to the potential effects or benefits of anything associated with karenrobertscoaching.com and podcastprofitsunleashed.com. Karen Roberts has taken every effort to accurately represent her ability to impact your life. However, Karen Roberts does not guarantee results in any given timeframe. The ideas and tools or recommendations is not a guarantee to you for anything. The information provided by this website and Karen Roberts’s approach is for education purposes only.

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